Where to Stay

There are plenty of places to stay in the Roca Verde region and we’ll try and add as many of them as possible to help you find what you need. One thing that is for sure is that a bit of Spanish will help when booking and looking at web pages…

Valles del Trubia / Centro Region
For Teverga and Quiros you could look at the towns of: San Martin / Proaza / Entrago / Barzana / Aciera but your best bet is contact us about our new guesthouse Casa Quirós

Casa Quiros – Owned by the writers of the guide this is within walking distance of Quirós crag and is only 15 minutes drive of all the sectors in Teverga. Great location with stunning views.

Refugio El Llano, Quirós This friendly refuge is at the base of the crag and offers dormitory-style accommodation with a bar and cooked food. They also offer guide services and courses.

Holiday Rental Houses and Albergue at Quirós – There are both dormitory-style accommodation (Albergues) They also offer guide services and courses.

Holiday Apartments in Teverga – These are located above Bar Aguja de Sobia and are within walking distance to the main area. The owners’ son is a climber and this is the hangout for the local crew.

Valles de Nalón Y Aller / Centro region

www.walkinginasturias.com Good quality Bed and Breakfast run by a British family in the village of Soto de Agues, Redes National Park.


Camping El Soto Boñar –

Campsite in Hoces de Vegacervera, León Reservations:
campinghoces@hotmail.com, telephone +34 987591341



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