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One important part of Roca Verde is to establish a bolt fund to help local climbers equip and re-equip routes throughout the Roca Verde region.  So a percentage of the money from this book will go towards a bolt fund to help equip and re-equip routes in the areas covered by this guide.

More bolts bought with the Roca Verde bolt fund...

More bolts bought with the Roca Verde bolt fund…

In general the bolts and belays in these regions are very, very good, using stainless bolts and anchors with a karabiner that are clip and go. Fantastic though this is for climbers this means that every route costs a lot to equip – up to £50 a time – so it’s important that we try to raise money to help the equippers.

If you want to apply for bolts and belays to equip routes in and around the Cordillera Cantábrica please mail us at


Donated By Roca Verde Climbing

50 stainless hangers – Cholo and Gema from La Hermida – Nov 2012

50 stainless hangers & 50 stainless bolts – Alberto Hontavilla – March 2013 “Thanks for the bolts and I have used them on Cueto Agero and in Urdon and for a new sector, El Infierno, you can get the topos from La Cuadrona. Loads of good routes, it´s well worth a visit.”

30 stainless bolts / 30 zinc bolts / 30 quickdraw tapes / 15 biners – Feb 2014 – Grupo Montaña Escalada Aguja Sobia 

50 stainless hangers & 50 stainless bolts & 2 full belays in zinc & 2 with stainless rings – David Acido – Oct 24th 2014 – Recuperacion de la escuela de escalada del “Condao”

 200 Bolts and hangars given to Roberto Ludena – Nov 2014 – to share amongst the equippers from Leon…Including: Ignacio Sandoval, Julio Ludena, Manuel Aller, Borja Araque, Miche y Colín.


Many thanks to the following for their invaluable help with this project:

José at Ludo Aventura – www,

Many thanks to Ludo Aventura

Many thanks to Ludo Aventura

Also to Dani at Kop De Gas:

Thanks to Kop de Gas

Thanks to Kop de Gas


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