La portada del libro con Alberto Hontavilla en su proyecto de Urdón. F. José Alberto Puente

New La Hermida guide available

Our new La Hermida climbing guide is at the printers!!!

The most anticipated guidebook of the year ‘El Desfiladero de La Hermida – the definitive sport climbing guide’ which contains 24 never before published crags (and nearly 700 routes) in this tufa-strewn region of northern Spain is in shops across Northern Spain.. or you can buy it direct from our page: 

Buy La Hermida guide

Por fin se hace realidad…‘El Desfiladero de La Hermida – la guía definitiva de la escalada deportiva”.  La ansiada guía ya está a la venta en muchas de las tiendas del norte de España. O, puedes comprarlo ahora mismo aquí y te lo mando directo a cualquier sitio. 

Comprar La Hermida

Here’s a list of shops near La Hermida where you can buy the book // Entonces una lista de las tiendas que tienen la guía cerca del valle es:
Santander – Eiger Sport // Torrelavega – K2 Aventura
La Hermida – La Cuadrona /  Andaras // Potes – Tienda Indiana / Bar La Reunión / Libreria Vela / Bustamante de Potes //
Arenas de Cabrales – La Tienda Nueva / Cendon
Cangas de Onis – Tuñon – Libreria Imagen

La portada del libro con tiene Alberto Hontavilla en su proyecto de Urdón. F. José Alberto Puente

La portada del libro con tiene Alberto Hontavilla en su proyecto de Urdón. F. José Alberto Puente

Roca Verde 2
The first edition of the guidebook to everybody’s new favorite Spanish climbing destination sold out in just 18 months and so Roca Verde gets a makeover. Totally revised and updated, this new version comes jam-packed with even more crags and routes across the regions of Asturias, Cantabria and Leon in north-west Spain.

Buy the new edition here (from the UK or the USA)…

Buy the new edition here (from Europe)…

Working with many of the most active groups and equippers from each area we have added crags never before published, as well as new sectors at existing crags and a couple of classic crags missed from the first edition. Roca Verde now has over 50 crags with 239 sectors to go at; and with over 500 additional routes there’s a staggering total of nearly 3500 routes packed into this new edition. There are also QR codes to get you to videos of the region and the first ever overview of the bouldering available.

So with over 50 crags, 239 sectors and nearly 3500 routes; an overview of the bouldering; links to videos and a bunch of superb full colour action photos this is the definitive guide to the Roca Verde region.  Just as importantly, it includes the information the locals know; how to choose the right venue for sun or shade, summer or winter and for whatever grade you climb.

La guia nueva de Roca Verde...the new Roca Verde guide...

La guia nueva de Roca Verde…the new Roca Verde guide…


14 thoughts on “New La Hermida guide available”

    1. Steve,
      yes there are loads of places. Obviously it depends where you are aiming to climb… In La Hermida – La Cuadrona is a good bet. In Teverga Bar Sobia has it. In Quiros the bar in Aciera has it…
      In Arenas de cabrales the campsite has it. In Oviedo Oxigeno store has it…
      Where are you heading for?
      by the way are you looking for accommodation – we have a new guesthouse in the Quiros area in walking distance to the crag –

  1. J’ai commendé 2 guides (Topo), et je souhaite savoir quand je les auraient dans ma boite au lettre.
    Je part samedi grimper … sur la cote verte !!!!

    Merci de votre réponse

    P Mercanti
    Le village
    31510 Génos

    1. Phillipe,
      your books were sent on 8th August. The post is very slow at the moment for some reason. I think they should arrive in the next one or two days.

      If they do not arrive please let me know and I will send you a refund and you can buy the book at a local store. I will also send you a map of the area and where to buy the book.

      I am very, very sorry for the delay.

      Phillipe , vos livres ont été envoyés le 8 Août . Le poste est très lent pour le moment pour une raison quelconque. Je pense qu’ils devraient arriver dans les un ou deux prochains jours .

      Si elles ne parviennent pas s’il vous plaît laissez-moi savoir et je vais vous envoyer un remboursement et vous pouvez acheter le livre dans un magasin local .

      Je vais aussi vous envoyer une carte de la région et où acheter le livre .Je suis très, très désolé pour le retard.

  2. Is it possible to buye this guidebook in a shop in hermida. Because i just arrived there and have no guidebook. Thanks for help.

    1. Gerhard,
      I am sorry not yet. You can buy Roca Verde which has a selection of the crags and also has another 300 routes for the other areas of Northern Spain. This will get you started on quite a few sectors. If you go to La Cuadrona bar in La Hermida or maybe Indiana shop in Potes…

  3. hola richie he reservado la guia desde la web y creo que he cometido un error puesto que la he comprado desde españa y he clickeado en UK con el sobrecoste que conlleva….

    aver si me lo puedes solucionar…


    1. Jairo,
      he anullado tu compra y luego puedes comprarlo otra vez, desde España. Gracias por tu compra!

  4. Is there any store where I can buy Roca Verde, preferably second edition, near Oviedo. If not in Oviedo then where?

    Will be La Hermida guidebook available somewhere locally too?

    1. Hi there, you can buy the second edition of Roca Verde in the following shops in Oviedo:
      D- Ruta, Calle Arzobispo Guisasola, 28, 33009 Oviedo
      Deportes Cavana, Calle Marqués de Pidal, 22, 33004 Oviedo
      Oxigeno, Lugar Fonciello, 51, 33690 Llanera, Asturias
      The La Hermida guide will also be available in these stockists when it arrives. Local bars in the climbing areas also stock the guides (in Teverga, La Hermida etc)
      Hope this helps!

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