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Cerro corona….a crag with a view!

Wow…The hottest day of the year, a very unusual March day of 25 degrees, and I’m sweating my way up the 40 minute walk-in to Cerro corona. The imposing butress overlooks the town of Carrena in the east of Asturias and is one of those places you look at, say ‘wow’ yet never seem to get round to going to.

IMG_0339 V2

We’d planned this day for a while and we got lucky as although it’s  hot the light is amazing and as this shot from the valley opposite shows even the moon wants to get a suntan.

Cerro corona is the crag on the left and as you can see the walk in is steep and tree covered and long. It’s left me a bit drained – and maybe that’s why i get so pumped on the warm up. This long and involved 6b,  Fistro de diedros, is 26 metres of technical grooves and hard-to-see holds on perfect rock.

The sun beats down as I look for a spot to take some photos from. I finally find a place up a tree and we get to work. In the full sun the route looks tricky but also looks amazing set against the backdrop of the Picos with Picu Uriellu standing out behind.

First go I don’t get the light right but the climber doesn’t get the sequence either and so half an hour later I’m back up the tree. This time he sends and so do I  and we have our shot for the guide, epitomising the amazing climbing and magificent scenery encountered climbing in the Oriente of Asturias.

Both baked, though him more than me, we sit in the shade for half an hour until it’s my turn. Luckily I send first go and we pack up, job done and head down…only to be confronted by a final treat, the Picos ‘in full effect’ staring us in the face as we descend!

IMG_0472 v2


Roca Verde

Roca Verde is the first international guidebook, published in English and Spanish, to the amazing sports climbing in and around the Cordillera Cantábrica (inc. the Picos de Europa) in north west Spain. Roca Verde includes the best crags of the Spanish regions of Asturias, Cantabria and León.

Our intention is to highlight this fantastic area, which we believe has the potential to be a new ‘hotspot’ destination and a regular stopover for European climbers. The Roca Verde region is well served by international flights and ferries, has an excellent road network and, unlike much of Spain, has a climate that is amenable to climbing through the summer months.