Buy the Book from Mainland Europe

If you’re outside the UK and Spain you can buy the latest edition of Roca Verde for €30 plus €5 postage.

We can send the book to anywhere in Europe: France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece or anywhere else outside the UK and Spain but in Europe.

If you are outside Europe please mail for a delivery price…

NOTE: Please allow a minimum of 14 days for delivery as for some reason the post is very slow this year!! Apologies…

If you are already travelling and need to get the book while in Spain it is available from many places in the region:
Teverga  it is available in the Bar Peña Sobia in Teverga (very close to the main parking).
Quiros: at the Refugio in El Llano in Quirós and at Bar Sol Horrin in Aciera (just before Quiros).
If you are climbing in La Hermida they always have it in the bar at La Cuadrona (La Hermida) and many of the shops in Potes. Or the climbing shop K2 in Torrelavega which is just off the motorway close to Santander.
In León it is available in the Cordoba climbing shop and Libreria Iguazu.

La guia nueva de Roca Verde…the new Roca Verde guide…

41 thoughts on “Buy the Book from Mainland Europe”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve just “ordered” the book through Paypal and it seems that the payment is through. However I did not recieve any confirmation from your side. Could you please confirm this order? Do you need an address? Thanks

    1. Hi Chris, your order was received correctly and has already been processed and despatched to the address you supplied via Paypal. We have sent you an email confirming all the details. If it is not showing in your inbox, please check your junk folder. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

    1. Hi Brian! Great to hear you enjoyed the climbing in Quiros and we’d love to encourage you to make a return trip :-D If you’d like, we can raise you an invoice on Paypal to cover the cost of the book plus a contribution towards postage to the States (£30 + £5 p&p) Let us know if you’d like to go ahead with your purchase and we’ll get it sorted for you asap.

  2. Hi. I would like to order guide book Roca Verde and I wondering if the guide book has descriptions of routes of Picos de Europa, Quiros and Teverga?. And what about the place Olla?

    1. Anja,
      the book has all of Teverga and Quiros but does not have the high mountain routes in the Picos. But it does have the sport climbing areas around the Picos Poo de Cabrales, and La Hermida. I do not know the area Olla?

  3. Thank you for your quick reply, I already ordered. for Olla recomend some Spanish friends from Chulilla. For Picos I have in Donde escalar from Desnivel book. One question, What is the best option if fly from Venice to where in Spain if want to climb in Teverga?

  4. Anja, you can fly from Milan to Santander and then drive, or you can fly Venice to Barcelona and then Barcelona to Asturias (oviedo) airport . There are no flights from Venice to Asturias airport. Obviously I am not sure where you are in Italy and I know Milan is quite a distance from Venice…

      1. Hi,
        thank you for this useful information. We will be with our car, but our friends from Croatia we don’ t know, cause they will fly there and they will need place to stay. I will recommend this.

      2. Hi again!
        Yesterday I ordered guidebook od you but I didnt get any transaction made from my account. So I don’t know what happened? Should I wait or ordered once again.

        1. Hi Anja,
          don’t worry the purchase is showing up on our Paypal (under the name Anna, that is you right?) and the book has gone out in the post to you. Happy trip planning!

    1. sorry, fat-fingered that one….

      Looks like an excellent guide, congratiulations. We’re leaving to the region next weekend (in 7 days); any idea how long delivery to Belgium would take and/or where can we go to get a copy locally?


      1. Dirk,
        Thanks for the mail.

        From Spain the post can be very slow and I cannot guarantee delivery in a week. However you should be able to buy the book online at

        If not then several German places have the book including

        These should deliver quicker than I can.

        If not nearly all the bars in the major climbing areas have the book. I can send you a list if you cannot get hold of it.

  5. hello where in asturias can i buy the roca verde topo?

    is there some book store or local climbing shop?

    1. Hendrik,
      yes you can buy the book across the region in plenty of bars as well as climbing shops. It depends where you are heading for.
      In the most popular places like Teverga and Quiros it is available in the Bar Pena Sobia in Teverga (very close to the main parking), the Refugio at El Llano in Quiros and at Bar Sol Horrin in Aciera (just before Quiros).
      If you are climbing in La Hermida they have it in the bar at La Cuadrona and many of the shops in Potes. Or the climbing shop K2 in Torrelavega which is close to Santander.

      Or you can order the book online from lots of places and they will deliver quickly for example or…

  6. Dear ROCAVERDE,
    I would like to buy the climbing guide (I’m from Italy).
    But when I click on “add to chart” button, only appears my personal PayPal page without any other information.
    If I click on “anadir al carro” in the Spanish page “Comprar Roca Verde”, all it’s good: a correct page appears for buying the guide, with the price and others detail.
    What can I do? Can I use the Spanish page, even if I’m from Europe? Or what?

    1. Umberto, I am very sorry I am not sure why this is happening. Please let me look at it and I will get back to you later today. You cannot use the Spanish one because there is no postage on that one and it costs 6€ to send the book to Italy.

    2. Umberto, it should be working now please can you try again. We are having a few problems re-setting it…Please let me know.

  7. The page when buying the book from Mainland Europe’s page does not mention if it is the 2nd edition or the 1st.

    I would guess that I would get the new guide, but would like if you could confirm it.


    1. Julien,
      I will try to fix as soon as possible. I have sent you a paypal invoice which you can use instead…

  8. I just ordered the book – Roca Verde – I payed with PayPal –
    I did not get any confirmation – could you please confirm that the order got through?!
    Thank you very much!
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Ingrid, that’s very strange. We didn’t get the usual notification from Paypal either but I have gone on the account and can see that you have made payment correctly. The book will be posted out to you tomorrow (Monday). Thanks for getting in touch.

  9. Hi there, 2015 we spend a few weeks in northern spain and we think about going there again, we already bought the first issue of your guide book, therefore we want to know if there is an update?, or is the necessity buying the 2nd issue because there is a lot more in this book. thx and kind regards from Innsbruck markus

    1. Markus,
      It all depends on where you are going. There are about 8 new sectors but in the main you will probably be OK with version 1. The new sectors are Infierno in La Hermida, three sectors close to Arenas, and a couple of easier sectors in Leon…If you are heading to Quiros and Teverga there are not a lot of changes.

        1. Natalia,
          I sent your book yesterday!! I may take up to 20 days to arrive…
          Please let me know when it does!!
          Thanks for your order…

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