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Roca Verde Edition 2 –  now available.

Totally revised and updated, this new version comes jam-packed with even more crags and routes across the regions of Asturias, Cantabria and Leon in north-west Spain.

La guia nueva de Roca Verde...the new Roca Verde guide...

La guia nueva de Roca Verde…the new Roca Verde guide…

Working with many of the most active groups and equippers from each area we have added 6 crags never before published, as well as new sectors at existing crags and a couple of classic crags missed from the first edition. We also include where to boulder in Asturias!

So with over 50 crags, 239 sectors and nearly 3500 routes; an overview of the bouldering; links to videos and over 200 full colour action photos this is the definitive guide to the Roca Verde region.

UK or the USA – Buy the book for £30, including free delivery. NOTE: Please be aware that the book can take up to two weeks for delivery and in the USA it’s usually quicker if you buy from Wolverine:

If you want to buy the book from:
France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece or anywhere outside the UK or Spain.
Please click here…

If you are already travelling and need to get the book while in Spain it is available from many places in the region:
Teverga  it is available in the Bar Pena Sobia in Teverga (very close to the main parking).
Quiros at the Refugio at El Llano in Quirós and at Bar Sol Horrin in Aciera (just before Quiros).
If you are climbing in La Hermida they always have it in the bar at La Cuadrona (La Hermida) and many of the shops in Potes. Or the climbing shop K2 in Torrelavega which is just off the motorway close to Santander.
In León it is available in the Cordoba climbing shop and Libreria Iguazu.

La guia nueva de Roca Verde…the new Roca Verde guide…

13 thoughts on “Buy The Book”

  1. I would like to buy the book! The link doesn’t work, it sends me to the website of paypal but whitout any option to buy the book. can you help me? thanks :)

    1. Oh dear. Sorry about that Daan. We’ll take a look and sort it out. Thanks for letting us know!

    2. Hi Daan, the Paypal link should be working now. If you have any more problems please just let us know! :-)

  2. Hi, I’m going to the Picos de Europa in two weeks and want to do some climbing once I’m there. Is this guide suitable? Also what is the delivery time on it as I would like it before I leave!

    1. You’ll find lots of sports climbing in and around the Picos in the guidebook. It’s not a guide to trad or mountaineering routes in the Picos, however.

  3. Hello !
    Just found out about this guide. I’d like a copy but we are flying out on Saturday so daren’t risk ordering one so late. Can I buy one out there anywhere – Oviedo – Potes etc etc ??



    1. Alina,
      I am very sorry. Because you were ordering from the USA I sent you a mail to ask if you’d prefer to buy from Wolverine – my US distributor – so I sent you a mail and gave you a few days to reply. Once I realised that you hadn’t seen the mail I sent the book. The mail was from – it may have gone to your Spam.
      The book was sent on Friday 6th October. It will take up to 15 days from that point.
      And obviously because you hadn’t seen my first mail there was no way of me contacting you to explain and tell it had been sent. So once again I can only apologise for the delay – I was trying to get you the book quicker and I just slowed everything right down.
      I hope that makes sense and please let me know when the book arrives.

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