Sector Nuevo / New Sector – Gradurin, Covachon, Teverga

I was climbing a few days ago with Armando Suarez Diez at El Covachon (Gradura) and he was showing me the new routes that him and his mates had established alongside this classic sector.

This new sector, they have called Gradurin, is basically an extension of the cave but is a bit more relaxed, not so steep and there are quite a few routes to go at.

GraduinaAnd the good news is that there’s also a couple of easier routes to go at including a pair of 6b+ for those for whom the cave is too hard.

Anyway, as well as checking those out I got a great foto of Armando as he took the ride from the end of Macaco, an 8b which basically goes straight through the roof of the cave at it’s widest point.

Armando Macaco 8b

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