Mas chapas del fondo a la gente

Roca Verde sigue a dar materiales a la gente que estan equipando y re-equipando. Hace unos dias yo di 50 chapas y parabolts mas y unos reuniones a la gente del Refugio del Llano quien siguen a hacer mucho trabajo a la escuela.

Y tambien yo di 50 chapas y parabolts inoxidable al Grupo de montaña Peña Sobia. Ahora mismo estan abriendo sectores nuevos y re-equipando en muchos sitios. Gracias especialamente a Armando y Cesar por su trabajo…

Entonces pronto seran mas vias para disfrutar en Teverga y Quiros !! Buen trabajo chavales!!

Materiales por Quirós

Materiales por Quirós

Y otra vez muchas gracias a Ludo Aventura y Kop de Gas para sus apoyos…

Many thanks to Ludo Aventura

Many thanks to Ludo Aventura

Thanks to Kop de Gas

Thanks to Kop de Gas

Bouldering in Teverga

Asturias has quite a few good bouldering spots, which I’ll hopefully detail in later Blogs – however, in the last couple of weeks we have been sampling the delights of the boulder field above El Cantu in Teverga.

Lots of boulders in an impressive setting!! Placas del sol behind..

Lots of boulders in an impressive setting!! Placas del sol behind..

Impressively situated below the huge, imposing walls of Placas del Sol (read more here) this jumble of blocks provides aound 100 problems with a good spread of grades: from 4 to 8b.

My first time was during the Encuentro, organised by the local climbing group  Grupo Montaña Escalada Aguja Sobia and unfortunately I arrived late missing a perfect morning of chilly rock.

Ignacio Mulero on the 8b

Ignacio Mulero on the 8b

However, as the forecast rain began to fall I still got try a fair few problems as it spat intermittently and watch (slightly dumbstruck) as local hotshot  Ignacio Mulero nearly did an 8b!!

The day got me a bit more psyched for the boulders so we returned few days later with a crew of friends who were training for an upcoming South African trip.

Juan on a brilliant a superb setting!

Juan on a brilliant 6a…in a superb setting!

Once again out-classed I did at least this time manage few more problems than before and even though I felt 100% like a route climbing a few of the old bouldering reflexes kicked in.

As ever, limestone bouldering gives nothing away and some of the grades felt brutal. But watching the guys and girls send gave me some enthusiasm and optimism and I a pretty sure that with a few training sessions I can return and bag something a bit harder!

Jairo Pandiella, Hijos de Puta 7b+

Jairo Pandiella, Hijos de Puta 7b+

And finally here’s a little video of something I hope to get on soon…some new boots might help for the very tiny left foothold though!!

Mini Post – Vimeo channel of Asturian bouldering and climbing

Just found this great Vimeo channel collated by Nano Montes where you can see tons of bouldering and climbing videos from all across Asturias…

Asturian Vimeo Channel

And here’s a couple of sample videos:

Climbing at Teverga, a classic, Derecho de pernera, 7c

Lolin en derecho de pernada from Alejo on Vimeo.

And here’s some bouldering, very atmospheric:

“Poseidon” (8a+).f.a. from nano montes on Vimeo.

New videos and new YouTube Channel

After having a bit more free time I have started to make some short videos about the climbing in Roca Verde territory.

Here’s the first one I’ve done – it’s me on one of the super cool routes at the Sector Las Ardillas, at the crag of Quiros in the heart of Asturias. 

I’ll be making plenty more videos from now on – and hopefully learning more on the way – and you can see more at my YouTube channel.

RocaVerde YouTube channel…

I’ve also started to collate as many videos about Asturias as possible in one place so you can see what else there is on offer.

There’s about 30 videos that I have found – of varying quality – that show some of the climbing in Asturias and beyond.